I am often asked what is my favorite time of the day, well, there are many moments: the early hours of the morning, walking my dog, dinner with friends… but maybe what I prefer most is when I pause to take a few hours just for me.

The time, lack of it and how best to organize the hours ­ I would carve out a little time, happy to have that moment, those two hours I would not give up…” how many times I hear women wishing they had a “slice” of personal time per day.

Make appointments with yourself, in the same way you note working appointments in your calendar. We need to learn to do the same also about ourselves: a film we wanted to see, a photo exhibition, a visit to a museum and everything that we would like to do that makes us happy.

Wearing: Calvin Klein beyond jewellery and their new even watch. The watch reminds me of one my boyfriend owns, plus I love watches with a black leather strap.



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